Certified company: atexcsqiqnet
Spark separators

Spark separators are accessories that complete extraction plants. They are designed to capture incandescent residues so that they do not reach the filters. Once the sparks are captured, they are sent to a specific collection bin, and this reduces the risk of fire. Without these devices, each welding or metal cutting operation could be the source of serious problems for worker health and safety, and also for your systems.

Usually, these devices are easy to install and require little maintenance. They also make it possible to drastically reduce hazardous situations.

We serve the most diverse industrial sectors such as for example Aerospace and Military, Food, Biomass, Footwear, Ceramics, Chemical, Tanning, Cosmetics, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Foundry, Forging, Galvanising, Rubber, Waste treatment plants, Paper industry – edge strips and dust, Wood, Marble, Mechanics, Nautical and fiberglass, Gold and jewellery, Plastics, Die-casting, Restoration, Charging batteries for lift trucks/carts, Iron making, Moulding metals, Textiles, Transports and rolling stock materials.

We make spark separators in galvanised sheet metal, carbon steel and AISI304 and AISI316 stainless steel.