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Extraction hoods

Many industrial and professional processes generate fumes, vapours or smoke that tend to rise when heated. In these cases, extraction hoods are the ideal system to correctly capture these pollutants.
Our technicians dimension the extraction hoods to suit the type of process and available space, so that operators can avoid inhaling the pollutant. To improve efficiency in many cases, we make side sills in special transparent PVC, fastened along the entire edge to increase containment.

Bruno Balducci srl designs, builds and installs a vast range of fixed, mobile and slotted extraction hoods.

We serve the most diverse industrial sectors such as for example Aerospace and Military, Food, Biomass, Footwear, Ceramics, Chemical, Tanning, Cosmetics, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Foundry, Forging, Galvanising, Rubber, Waste treatment plants, Paper industry – edge strips and dust, Wood, Marble, Mechanics, Nautical and fiberglass, Gold and jewellery, Plastics, Die-casting, Restoration, Charging batteries for lift trucks/carts, Iron making, Moulding metals, Textiles, Transports and rolling stock materials.

We make custom hoods in galvanised sheet metal, carbon steel and AISI304 and AISI316 stainless steel.