Certified company: atexcsqiqnet
Flue silencers

Rectangular or circular silencers are particularly indicated to absorb noise from extraction systems. Normally, they are directly mounted on the chimneys, thus reducing the noise released into the external environment.

Our silencers are custom built to meet the client’s needs. We also revamp flues and chimneys, and insert silencers.

We serve the most diverse industrial sectors such as for example Aerospace and Military, Food, Biomass, Footwear, Ceramics, Chemical, Tanning, Cosmetics, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Foundry, Forging, Galvanising, Rubber, Waste treatment plants, Paper industry – edge strips and dust, Wood, Marble, Mechanics, Nautical and fiberglass, Gold and jewellery, Plastics, Die-casting, Restoration, Charging batteries for lift trucks/carts, Iron making, Moulding metals, Textiles, Transports and rolling stock materials.

We make custom silencers in galvanised sheet metal, carbon steel and AISI304 and AISI316 stainless steel.