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Continuous and remote monitoring

EMISSIONIOK! is an all-in-one device for plants and filters advance management.

Find out how it can help you:

  • Continuous monitoring of extraction systems, dust filters, AHU
  • Monitoring all your systems with a single interface, via the web, smartphone, SMS
  • Alarms sent in real time when thresholds are exceeded
  • Reports on data history, flue maintenance and analysis
  • Alert-diary with deadlines for your systems

EMISSIONIOK!® is an advanced console that, once installed, will allow you to:

  • Monitor remotely and in real time the correct operation of your extraction system and the condition of your dust filters and AHU Carry out maintenance and replacement of consumables only when really necessary
  • Remotely set up alarm thresholds
  • Prevent damages
  • Reduce the risk of system shutdown and the occurrence of other critical situations
  • Save energy, time and money
  • Ensure the HSO and regulators a more thorough and on-going monitoring
  • Optimise your relationship with the relevant bodies

It is supplied ready to use and is fitted with a M2M card. You can rent it through an unrestricted monthly subscription or buy it through a 36 month (renewable) subscription.

Device setup

Once connected to your system, the device reads a change in pressure, highlighting the wear of the filters and any faults. The data can be checked in real time. After setting the alarm thresholds, if they are exceeded, EmissioniOK! will send an SMS or an email, to one or multiple recipients, to alert them of the exceeded thresholds. All the system history is recorded by means of charts and tables. The tool also analyses the temperature (optional) and reads the triboelectric probe (optional) to continuously monitor the emissions into the atmosphere.


EMISSIONIOK! is a trademark of TECH SA.