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Fire protection safety

Areas intended for certain types of industrial production are often at risk of fire because of the presence of vapours, gases, fumes or combustible dust, which is hazardous due to its nature or concentration.

In addition to traditional fire prevention devices required by law, it is essential for workplaces where these substances are either used or originate to be equipped with capture and extraction systems that can maintain the rooms in a state of depression, and also convey the hazardous substances towards abatement or purification plants. Having a localised extraction system is very important because it allows interception of hazardous substances directly at their source, and maintains combustion risks under control.

Work environments must also have suitable ventilation, mainly in areas where possible ignition points are located (hot spots, naked flames or sparks). Dangerous dry materials can be transferred with hydraulic transport systems, which move these materials to the abatement systems and then out of the critical areas where fires could start. To guarantee full efficiency of the capture solutions, it is also necessary for the devices to undergo regular maintenance operations, in order to verify correct function and duration over time.

Our company offers extraction systems that improve conditions and work environments through the use of advanced materials and technologies.