Certified company: atexcsqiqnet
Planned maintenance contract

For Plants and Mobile Units with fabric, cartridge, pocket, panel, and active charcoal filters.

The Planned Maintenance Contract involves signing a flexible contract that can be configured to fit the Client's specific needs among the various typologies:

  • Duration of contract
  • Number and specifications of plants / filters to maintain
  • Definition of the visit schedule (twice a year is suggested)

At each visit the following checks will be performed:

  • external temperature
  • checks of fan transmission belts, if present
  • pause between compressed air pulses
  • checks and cleaning of filter elements
  • fan check
  • visual inspections of external conditions of filters
  • Δp settings of the sequencer/economizer, if present
  • discharge of compressed air tank condensation
  • check motor
  • opacimeter level, if present
  • pressure loss reading
  • speed in the exhaust hood and flow control sections

Within 15 days of the maintenance visit, a written report will be sent with the results of the operation and, if necessary, a quotation for the replacement of damaged or worn elements.

Contact us with the form and describe your requirements. We will contact you as soon as possible to send you a form to fill out with the data of the filter(s) described in your request.