Certified company: atexcsqiqnet
Fabric dedusting unit


The “CLEANAIR” filter is a fabric dedusting unit made with “media” suitable for the type of dust to collect and with 99.92% efficiency according to B.I.A. tests (Berufgenossenschaftliches Institut für Arbeitssicherheit - Inter-professional Institute for Workplace Safety) which the “media” are periodically subjected to.


The filter works with low pressure suction, which means that the dusty air is sucked in by the centrifugal fan downstream. The fan creates the necessary low pressure to overcome the load loss of the circuit and losses caused by filter resistance, once the system is working steadily. It is common knowledge that every filter requires a few days to reach a steady state to perform with maximum efficiency after a cake of dust, which operates as a prefilter, has formed on the filtering fabric. Therefore, it is not a good idea to measure residual dust in the chimney right after starting the filter system. The dusty air is sucked in by the fan, enters the decanting chamber and gravity causes the infeed speed to slow down and the first separation of larger particles from finer particles takes place.