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Pocket filters

Bruno Balducci srl designs, builds, installs and maintains a vast range of Pocket Filters.

We provide the ideal solution for each type of industrial dedusting need with vertical or horizontal pocket filters, either fixed or mobile.

Our modules can be customised to treat specific pollutants. Metal cells, soft pockets, rigid pockets and active carbon cells can be inserted into the filter modules.

Dust generated by industrial production processes can be extremely dangerous for the health of workers. Depending on the composition of the fumes, there can be risks with inhalation or even with mere exposure. In addition, substances can accumulate on walls and floors in workplaces or on machines, and this compromises effectiveness and performance and, as a result, affects the company’s productivity.

We serve the most diverse industrial sectors such as for example Aerospace and Military, Food, Biomass, Footwear, Ceramics, Chemical, Tanning, Cosmetics, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Foundry, Forging, Galvanising, Rubber, Waste treatment plants, Paper industry – edge strips and dust, Wood, Marble, Mechanics, Nautical and fiberglass, Gold and jewellery, Plastics, Die-casting, Restoration, Charging batteries for lift trucks/carts, Iron making, Moulding metals, Textiles, Transports and rolling stock materials.

All our pocket filters can be built in galvanised sheet metal, painted carbon steel, and stainless steel AISI304 and AISI316.