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Scrubber towers

Scrubbers are “showers” where polluted wastewater is washed by recirculating liquid in order to absorb the pollutants. Installed at the base of the scrubber is a tank containing a solution used for this process. It has a certain pH, which determines acidity or basicity. This pH must be suitable to abate the pollutants; therefore, basic compounds are abated with acidic solutions, and acidic compounds are abated with basic solutions. To guarantee efficient abatement, tanks containing the aqueous solution are connected to a suitable dosing station, built from storage tanks, dosing pumps (on request, one operative and one reserve), and a specific dedicated line. The reagent tanks use pumps and can, therefore, compensate for the pH.


In some cases, especially for existing plants that do not have the desired performance levels, an additive can be used to improve performance in terms of emissions and odours. We are available to run tests to verify the effectiveness of your plant.