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Cyclone dust collectors

Cyclones or centrifugal separators make it possible to purify the air or a gas from dust by using the principle of centrifugal force. Cyclones are applied when the air to be treated presents an extremely high concentration of dust particles or when large particles must be removed to prevent damage to more delicate purification equipment.

Depending on the application and on the materials to be treated, we manufacture separators in different materials and with wear-resistant coatings for highly abrasive types of dust.

The equipment operates as described: the air flow intake tangentially enters the upper part of the cylindrical body and follows a spiral pathway towards the lower conical part. Solid particles in the air current tend to take on a radial direction due to centrifugal force; they come against the internal walls of the cyclone and, as a result, the fluid part of the flow is slowed down and separated from the air. On the bottom, the air separates from the dust as it climbs back up the cyclone in a narrower spiral and is released at the top. The particles collected on the bottom are then made to fall into a dedicated container or extracted with appropriate systems.


  • Highly efficient on large particulate but less efficient in abating fine particulate.
  • Simplified maintenance, due to no moving parts.
  • Simple recovery of dust.
  • Possibility of working with wet fumes.

Low efficiency for finer grain particulate is one of the main disadvantages of this system. It would be a suitable pretreatment system installed upstream from costlier and more efficient separation systems.


These products benefit companies with production processes that generate dust of any type, but with a large granulometry and in high concentrations. Some examples would be woodworking (sawmills need to purify air from sawdust), metalworking, rubber and plastic manufacturing processes, mixing, weighing and packaging of dust-producing materials, sanding, polishing, various cutting methods, metal fusion and combustion of solid materials, mechanical operations, and processes at refineries, cement industries, etc..