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Suction systems in the tanning sector

In the tanning sector, leather processing produces:

  • powders coming from shaving machines and grinders;
  • fumes released by exhausters and finishing lines;
  • gas (especially hydrogen sulphate) which is generated by the contact of the sulphides contained in the skin dermis with acid solutions.

Depending on the amount of inhalation and the time of exposure to these contaminants, damage can occur in the body. Mild symptoms may include: itching, watery and burning eyes, headaches, vomiting, dizziness, nasopharyngeal irritation. In severe cases, important diseases such as bronchopneumonia, pulmonary edema and tumors can arise.

In addition to PPE, work environments must be equipped with calibrated suction systems with dimensions suitable for capturing polluting substances when they are released. A good and periodic maintenance guarantees a constantly adequate functioning of the above mentioned systems.

Bruno Balducci srl designs, builds, installs and maintains suction and filtration machines and systems also for Tanning industry.

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Technologies for the tanning sector:

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