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Suction systems for the cosmetic industry

In the cosmetic sector, toxic solvents are used, easily inhalable and potentially capable of causing risks, even serious ones, for the respiratory and nervous systems.

The purpose of the suction systems is to capture these substances but also the dry powders, which are generated by the dosage and / or mixing of the cosmetic compounds.

In addition to PPE, the installation of centralized suction systems (extractor hoods) and / or localized (extractor arms, trolley units), capable of capturing emissions before they disperse into the environment, is essential.

A good and periodic maintenance, which requires the replacement of the filters, guarantees a constantly adequate functioning of the above mentioned systems

Bruno Balducci srl designs, builds, installs and maintains suction and filtration machines and systems also for Cosmetics industry.

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Technologies for the cosmetic sector:

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