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Nautical and fiberglass

Suction systems for the nautical sector and fiberglass processing

In the nautical sector, during the production and maintenance processes, micro-dust and various harmful substances are released into the air:

  • powders deriving from cutting, sanding, finishing of composite materials
  • dusts deriving from the preparation of boats and carpentry works
  • harmful gases from painting
  • fumes from cooking ovens for the stabilization of epoxy resins
  • fumes from welding and carpentry operations
  • vapors from aluminum die casting
  • oil mists from mechanical processing

The suction systems must capture and neutralize these substances to introduce clean air into the environment.

Being often highly flammable substances, the aspiration technologies must be ATEX certified.

Bruno Balducci srl designs, builds, installs and maintains suction and filtration machines and systems also for Nautical and Fiberglass industry.

Some achievements

Technologies for the nautical sector:

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