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Suction systems in the biomass sector

The term biomass indicates a series of animal or vegetable waste (sewage from farms, agricultural, food, forestry waste, some algae, plants specially cultivated for the purpose, urban organic waste ...).

These biological materials can be modified with particular processes and transformed into fuels, electricity or thermal energy.

One of the biomass products is biogas, produced by bacterial fermentation in anaerobiosis (absence of oxygen) of animal or vegetable residues. It is mainly composed of methane and is used as a fuel.

Industrial plants that transform biomasses produce fumes and dust that can cause damage to human health. The disorders caused by the inhalation of polluted agents and by the time of exposure are mainly borne by the respiratory system (asthma, allergies, nasal congestion ...). The protracted contact with harmful substances over time could cause more serious compromises: lung, nervous system or tumor diseases.

Employers, according to current safety legislation (Legislative Decree 81/08) which guarantees the health and safety of the worker, must provide employees with personal protective equipment (PPE), also must provide for the installation of suction systems adequate.

Bruno Balducci srl designs, builds, installs and maintains suction and filtration machines and systems also for Biomass industry.

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Technologies for the biomass industry sector:

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