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Suction systems in the food sector

In the food sector, various polluting products can compromise the work environment, endangering the health of food preparation workers, especially through the inhalation of cooking gases and fumes.

During their cooking, the foods release various substances: polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (IPA), aldehydes (such as acetaldehyde, acrolein, formaldehyde), nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, aromatic amines and others .

The purpose of the suction systems is to collect these substances:

  • dry powders, which are generated by the dosing and / or mixing of food compounds;
  • the cooking fumes, which are generated while the food is being cooked.

Bruno Balducci srl designs, builds, installs and maintains suction and filtration machines and systems also for the Food industry.

Some achievements

Technology for the food industry sector:

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